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Station #3

What Pillar of Islam is represented here?

" We begin our day with the first prayer which is Fajr, (dawn prayer). We have to wake up before the sun rises to make the fajr prayer. To prepare for prayer we have to do something called wudu or ablution which refers to the mental preparation and physical cleanliness of Muslims for the Salat (prayer), one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The reason we do this is because we believe that when we are doing our prayers it is like we are talking to God (Allah), so you want to be clean when you meet your Lord."
 Life as a Muslim Teen Girl- Aisha Soleiman

  1. Analyze the source (write your observations bellow)

  2. Discuss your observations with your group members

  3. Write at least 2 sentences explaining what pillar is represented (use evidence)

Questions to help you analyze this source
What is happening here?
Why is it happening?
How is this affecting people?

By Jose Tlaxcuapan

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