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Station #5

What Pillar of Islam does this video represent?

I don’t know her. I had never met her. I don’t even remember her name. But yesterday, I sat with her, as she uttered the words, and entered the fold of Islam.

I didn’t get to speak to her. But I am still thinking of her.

I thought of her when I sat down with my cup of coffee and recited the Quran.

I wonder if she is a coffee person? I hope she cut down on her coffee before Ramadan started, or she will get the worst headache.

I thought of her when I said my Fajr prayers at 3:50 a.m.

I wonder if she has a prayer rug?
It’s 12 noon now.

I wonder how her day is going? 
I say a prayer for her.

1. Analyze the source (write your observations bellow)

2. Discuss your observations with your group members

3. Write at least 2 sentences explaining what pillar is represented (use evidence)

By Jose Tlaxcuapan

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