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Station #6

What Pillar of Islam is depicted here?

"From virtually every nook and corner of the Earth, men and women gather together in unity and submission to God during Hajj. Men all wear the same simple, white cloth garments; men and women perform the same acts of worship; young and old and even children participate; the rich and the poor mix. Everyone is equal before God and their piety is ultimately only known to Him, and He is their final Judge. Going through such an experience on a large scale with millions of people... will open up the mind, heart, and soul to what it really means to be a human being amongst everyone on earth, much less what it truly means to be a Muslim in peaceful surrender to God."      

  1. Analyze the source (write your observations bellow)

  2. Discuss your observations with your group members

  3. Write at least 2 sentences explaining what pillar is represented (use evidence)

Guiding Questions
What is happening here?
Why is it happening?
How is it affecting people?

By Jose Tlaxcuapan

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