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Welcome to the Ocean View Junior High School Counselor's Webpage!

"Success is a journey not a destination"

School Counselors Mrs. Neilan and Mrs. Cardenas are here to assist you in your journey toward:


We enjoy getting to know all of the students at the Junior High, however, we are each assigned to work with specific grade levels and alphabets. Look below to see who your counselor is. To contact us come by our office or send us an email.
Peer Counseling
Peer Counseling is a semester long class that students can choose as an elective.

In this course students can choose to help teachers and children at Ocean View's Early Education Preschool or Mar Vista Elementary School.

They can also choose to support staff and students at Ocean View Junior High School by helping in the front office or library, collecting recycling, or assisting teachers and students in physical education, science or other academic courses.

Students learn important decision making skills as well as how to be responsible, trustworthy and a contributing community member.

Attendance Resources

about 1 year ago

Good attendance benefits your child's education. The research is clear: Students do better academically when they attend school regularly. Establishing regular attendance encourages students to be responsible, committed and helps them develop habits that will promote success and well being throughout their lives. When students miss school, they miss learning essential skills and important lessons necessary for academic success. Studies show that children who miss just one day of school fall two days behind in their school work. Students who are absent an average of 15 days a year miss a year's worth of school before their senior year, and students who miss 8 days or more each year are at risk of not graduating with their class. Attendance is everyone's responsibility. Here's how:
      * Arrive to school and class on time
      * Notify attendance office by phone or written note of student's absence within 3 days of the
         first day of absence
      * Plan vacations during non-school days
      * Schedule doctor appointments for your child after school when possible
      * When you must schedule an appointment during the day, bring your child to school before
         or after the appointment so they can attend some of their classes
      * Allow your child to stay home only when he/she has a contagious illness or is too sick to be
         comfortable at school
Whenever your child is absent be sure to contact their teachers to find out what they have missed and what assignments they need to make up so that they may catch up with their class lessons. 
Our counselors are available to help families and students with issues that may be impacting their attendance.
The following link has great information and data on attendance:

Community Resources

about 1 year ago

Interface Family Services offers many community support services.


They include:

      Counseling    Food Assistance    Health Care    Housing    Employment Service

      Resources for Parents    Senior Services    Substance Abuse Services    Domestic Violence Services

 And much more...


You can call 211 anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or connect online at:


Clinicas del Camino Real is another excellent community resource that provides free and low cost health services.

You can find more information about their services at:   

You can also visit the Clinicas del Camino Real office next door to Ocean View Junior High at 4400 Olds Road or call 805 986-5551.