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Honors Contract Ocean View Junior High School Honors Program

The Ocean View Junior High School Honors Program is designed to academically challenge and reward our highest performing students, preparing them for the rigors of high school and college. The Honors Program is a learning contract between teachers, students, and parents. Honors students will be clustered into select classrooms to engage in more rigorous learning. 

Honors students will be selected on the basis of student and parent agreement, teacher recommendation, subject area grades from the previous academic year (5 or 4 standards grades), and standardized test scores (Advanced or Proficient status). Students must maintain satisfactory grades, attendance, and behavior to continue in the program. Students who do not maintain satisfactory grades, attendance, and behavior are in jeopardy of losing the Honors status. Students, with parent agreement, may drop from Honors participation at the completion of the quarter. Only under highly unusual circumstances, and with administrative approval, will students be allowed to drop from Honors during the course of the semester. 

Eligible sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students may take Honors in one or more of the following subject areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and/or Mathematics. Eligible incoming sixth grade students are encouraged NOT to take Honors coursework in all four subject areas.

Students taking a class(es) for Honors credit will be graded on a separate scale for designated assignments. The Honors assignments will reflect increased rigor and in some cases an increased amount of work. The overall course grade earned will be weighted to reflect the rigor of the course. On the student(s) report card the course will be noted as an Honors course with the understanding that it is an advanced course.

The benefits of the Honors program can include: 
• Challenging academic program 
• Preparation for college 
• Honors status and notations 
• Additional recognition and awards

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