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·         Welcome to the Military Support Services page. The following services are available on campus to the children of families in the military service:

o    Counseling and support services provided by the Military Family and Life Counselor.

o    Support and community by Fleet and Family Services. 

o    Social Skill building by the FOCUS group. 

The MFLC Program utilizes licensed counselors to do non-medical short-termed solution-focused counseling to help address the day to day stresses of military life.  

Issues include but not limited to:

o    School Adjustment.

o    Deployment and separation.

o    Reunion adjustment.

o    Sibling and parent-child communication.

o    Behavioral concerns.

o    Fear grief and loss. 

NBVC Fleet and Family offer a place where students in military families connect with other kids, gain support during deployment of family members, dealing with frequent moves and other military concerns.


NBVC FOCUS group provides social skill building while connecting with the military children through day to day issues. 


The combination of these services is referred to as the" Military Kid's Club". 

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