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Ways to get help at OVJH

Ways to get help at OVJH

  •    Our Multi-tiered system of Support or Response to Intervention is designed to address the need of each individual learner. Students struggling with academic or social issues are recommended into our Response to Intervention program. Teachers meet in bi-monthly grade level meetings to discuss students who are struggling and strategies to increase success. If classroom interventions are not enough, students can be recommended for counseling services, more intensive academic services, or more assessment to determine the critical needs of the child.

    Our first tier occurs in the classroom with differentiated learning, specific strategies for struggling learners and high engagement activities. Our CORE classes are 80 minutes in length to allow for in depth exploration and intervention during the class period. Students who continue to struggle with tier one strategies care referred for tier 2 interventions.

    In the second tier of intervention our flex time allows for teacher to work with small groups of students on specific skills or assignments. This three week program provides immediate intervention with the teacher in the area of concern. Our counseling staff also uses Flex time to work with small groups of students on social skills, to address areas of concern like grief or to empower students with anti-bullying programs, etc. Teachers also provide English and Math intervention classes for students that are struggling with grade level work. These classes meet for 40 minutes every other day and reteach large concepts, build skills and provide students with more time with the content.

    Our third tier of the model includes a variety of interventions and services. For students who are not improving significantly with other interventions may be assigned to individual counseling services, reading intervention, English Language Development class or alternative placement interventions.  Students may be assigned to more than one intervention depending on the needs of the student. The counseling department may design individual or group sessions to assist with socio-emotional issues. The reading intervention class is a prescriptive program that uses a variety of resources to help students with fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary and decoding skills. In our English Language Development class, students focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking specifically to improve their English skills. For our most severe students, instructional assistants are used to provide one to one support in the classroom and during intervention time to help with social or academic needs. The RTI/MTSS team helps to develop lessons and support for the instructional aides to deliver instruction and assess progress.

    All of the systems work together to provide support necessary for academic and socio-emotional success here at school. Data is used by all of the staff to identify concerns, monitor progress and assess the program. Some of this data includes: Renaissance Star Reading, Star Math, writing portfolios, projects, standards assessments, CAASPP test, anecdotal data, behavior reports, charting of behaviors/triggers, student logs/statements and parent input. Working together we believe that all kids can learn and our duty is to address the needs with the right supports.  


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