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Distance Leaning For Math Class
I hope that everyone is doing well with all things considered. We are moving to a distance learning platform at this time. I will be using three major platforms to help the students engage in the standards that we are working with. The first will be YouTube. The link will be at the bottom of the message. I will be giving lessons on the channel that help students work through assignments on the second platform, Google Classroom. There is a link attached to the Classroom above this message. I will assign notes and worksheets for students to complete through our Google classroom. Lastly, for daily Warm-ups we will be using a platform at This will allow students to answer 4 questions each day related to our current unit. Log-in information for the students will be on Google Classroom. I know that this is a difficult time and Stress levels can rise at times like this. I want to make things as simple as possible and answer any questions that arise. As such I will host a live stream video on Monday the 20th and Monday the 27th on my YouTube channel to help relieve any stress by answering students questions.


Google Classroom Code: r6jielt