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Daily Homework/Assignments:

Due to the closure of Ocean View School District, we are providing "distance learning" assignments. I will be posting weekly assignments. The assignment should be completed and submitted by the due date indicated.

Each student received a packet on March 13, 2020. I will be communicating to students through this website, Google Classroom, and e-mail. 

***Please check Google Classroom and your E-mail DAILY***

Lesson Plans:
In our THERMAL ENERGY UNIT from AMPLIFY there are 5 articles that all relate to the topic we are covering. Over the course of the school closure the expectation is that you will read and complete each of the 5 assignments (at least one article per week- see schedule below). In addition, a vocabulary assignment is to be completed.

Directions for Article Readings:
1. Read article
2. Annotate the article by:
    - Underlining/highlighting the vocabulary words
    - Creating 2 questions you have about what you are reading
    - Creating 2 connections you have about what you read
    - Summarize the article in a video(1-2 minutes)/written summary(1-2

Directions for Vocabulary Assignment (covers entire unit):
Create a Vocabulary Graphic Organizer (V.G.O.) for the 18 terms in the glossary. Use the words in the article that you are reading currently, so you do not have too many to do at one time (if you wish). 

The V.G.O. must include:
   a.) Vocabulary Term
   b.) Picture(drawn)/Illustration (online pic)
   c.) Definition from the glossary

V.G.O. can be created in Educreations, Keynote, Google Slides, or paper.

Mon. Mar. 16 to Fri. Fri. Mar. 20
-Article #1 "Absolute Zero"
-Due by Mon. Mar. 23 at 3:30 p.m.
-Work on V.G.O. for this article (not due until the end of the unit)

Mon. Mar. 23 to Wed. April 1
-Article #2 "How Air Conditioners Make Cities Hotter" - follow 
 the directions written above
-Due by Wed. April 1 at 3:30 p.m.
-Work on V.G.O. for this article (not due until the end of the unit)

Mon. Mar. 30 to Fri. April 3
-Article #3 " Molecule Collisions and Newton's Cradle" -follow the 
 directions written above
-Due by Fri. April 3 
-Work on V.G.O. for this article (not due until the end of the unit)

Mon. April 6 to Mon. April 20 - SPRING BREAK
- No New Assignments - If you have any assignments from March 13 to 
  April 3 that are not completed, then this is a good time to catch up.
-The expectation is that work assigned is being completed for credit.

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